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Discover Orangutans, Elephants & Tigers in Sumatra

From your arrival into a Sumatra we can make anything possible for your seamless journey into this wonderland.

Based in Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra, We offer private car transport, luxury jungle accomodation, tours and treks catering to all fitness levels and ages and the chance to reduce your footprint while travelling. Ensuring you get your once in a lifetime orangutan and wildlife experience with our eco-friendly, responsible and sustainable approach to tourism.

Our local, experienced English-speaking guides and rangers will take you on a journey of self-discovery, immersing you in the local culture of each destination.

Choose from a range of tours, including overnight orangutan treks in the UNESCO listed Gunung Leuser National Park, unique treks to see WILD ORANGUTAN away from the tourist tracks, join our park rangers to search for tigers deep within the jungle, climb a volcano in Berastagi or explore the famous Lake Toba. Relax in paradise at the Banyak Islands or go diving in Pulau Weh.

We can arrange everything for you with ease, don’t wait any longer book your Sumatr adventure today and start living your dream!

to Conservation

WANT TO SEE WILD ORANGUTAN IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT ? Step away from the tourist tracks and into the real forest.. We are proud to partner with Australian NGO Care Sumatra and local Indonesian Foundation YPLUA in preserving the regions only operating orangutan habitat conservation site. Set on acres of wild and pristine jungle, we are committed to securing the future of the wild Sumatran orangutan and other wildlife by preserving their biolink corridor into the Gunung Leuser National Park. Habitat loss threatens to destroy these species forever ! So come and stay, trek or volunteer with one of our many programs and reduce your footprint while travelling!

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