Terms and Conditions

  1. Sumatra Adventure Holidays (SAH) is owned and operated by JAKA SYAHPUTRA of Kantor HPI Bukit Lawang, Bohorok post code 20774 North Sumatra, Indonesia.

  2. When you receive your itinerary, SAH will quote you a total tour price. 

  3. Upon the completion of your itinerary, you must pay the the total tour fee to SAH unless otherwise specified by SAH.

  4. SAH does not make any representations or warranties to you as to the suitability for the purpose of your tour to you. This includes any representations as to safeguarding your health and safety or the health or safety of any other person for whom you may make a booking.

  5. SAH does not owe any duty of care to advise as to the suitability or safety of your holiday in Sumatra. It is your sole responsibility to undertake your own research and inform yourself of the risks to your health and safety and all other risks that may arise during the course of your holiday. It is your sole responsibility to seek medical advice prior to travel and carry adequate travel and medical insurance.

  6. SAH expressly excludes and disclaims any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage (including but not limited to personal injury or economic losses or third-party injury or damages) howsoever arising out of or in connection with the planning or operation of your tour or any travel made by you during your tour.

  7. SAH shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including but not limited to personal injury, third party liability and economic losses) arising from any breach, negligence, fraud or any other wrong or default committed by any person acting on behalf of SAH or any other person during your tour.

  8. If you cancel your holiday, your tour fee will not be refunded to you unless otherwise agreed to by SAH.

  9. You should not book your holiday with SAH if you do not understand these terms or conditions or if you are not prepared to accept any or all of them. You should seek your own independent legal advice in relation to these terms and conditions and the payment of your Booking Fee shall constitute your acknowledgment that you have either received such advice or had freely chosen not to obtain it.

  10. By paying your tour fee you represent and warrant to SAH that you have read and understood and accept these terms and conditions and you agree that SAH would not enter into any agreement with you were it not for your representation and warranty.

  11. These terms and conditions apply to the fullest extent permissible under the law of Indonesia. To the extent that any term or condition is invalid or enforceable, the term will be read down or severed so as to preserve the operation of the remainder of the terms and conditions.
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